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Apprenticeships that work for all

Apprenticeships that work for all is a practical guide for employers, training providers, and apprenticeship practitioners: The Social Mobility Commission, October 2021

Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC)

Resources for Employers – Employers and Volunteers | CEC Resource Directory

Community Employment Plans Evidence Paper

OxLEP, 2017

Local Skills Dashboard

We aim to broaden knowledge and understanding of our local labour market for employers, providing access to up-to-date and locally relevant key information about Oxfordshire’s economy and Local Skills Landscape in one place: the OxLEP Local Skills Dashboard

Opportunities for Oxfordshire Employers

OxLEP Skills has created an ‘Opportunities for Oxfordshire Employers’ brochure 2022-23, which showcases the various programmes local employers can access for free:

The Building Blocks: An employer’s guide to improving social mobility in the workplace

Social Mobility Commission, September 2022 

Education Landscape Guide, 2022 

Education Landscape Index, 2022

Work experience an employer guide

The Local Skills Report and Plan Executive Summary

The Local Skills Report and Plan Executive Summary, OxLEP Skills, May 2022 

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