Greyfriars Catholic School Year 11 Mock Interviews


January 25, 2024    
All Day


Greyfriars Catholic School
Cricket Road, Oxford, OX43DR

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School name: Greyfriars Catholic School

Year group: Year 11

This year we are offering our Year 11 students a face to face, skill-based mock interview on Thursday, 25th January 2024. Most students have had support with identifying skills, CV writing and have participated in a general mock interview in Year 10. The main focus of these interviews is to give students the opportunity to improve on their previous interview in the areas of speaking with new people and talking about themselves. This is meant to give students the opportunity to grow and develop and even though most students have had previous experience in an interview setting, some students still may require a bit of prompting.


The process for interviews has been designed to be as flexible as possible so:

  • Students will be interviewing for entry level part time jobs; however, no prep is needed – just show up on the day.
  • Students may bring their CVs to ask for brief feedback.
  • The interviews will be semi-structured; some core questions will be supplied, as well as the option to ask follow up questions of your own. 
  • There will be one student to one volunteer for each interview.
  • Each interview will be up to 15 minutes long and will follow lesson/break times. You may conclude an interview early if the student does not have the capacity/willingness to engage.
  • Each volunteer may see up to 15 students, per session, on the day. This will be less if you are only able to volunteer for the AM or PM.
  • Interviews will take place in the REX Room. There will be plenty of space for each volunteer/student pair.
  • Snacks and beverages will be made available for volunteers.
  • Myself and/or my colleague Kathy will be on hand at all times to support volunteers/deal with any issues.
  • There will be a feedback sheet per student for you to make notes and provide feedback comments to help the students to learn from the experience and understand how they can improve. These forms will be collected by myself at the end of the day and shared directly with the students.
  • Please contact Jess Manns