March 22, 2023    
9:30 am - 10:00 am

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School name: TBC

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Would your organisation like to support the local community by contributing to local skills development?

In this webinar, our expert Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Advisors Leah Bryan and Nikki Cooper will be joined by Martin Youngjohns, Operational Training Manager and Keith Fisher, Apprenticeship Lead at JDE Banbury, who will be talking about the importance of apprenticeships and how making the most of their apprenticeship levy allowance as enabled them to support the local Oxfordshire community, as well as training their own apprentices.

Also joining us is Kusham Nijhar, Apprenticeship Lead for Thames Valley Primary Care Workforce, who have received Apprenticeship Levy funds from JDE Banbury. Kush will be talking about the benefits to employers of receiving apprenticeship levy transfers.

If you would like to support the local community, have levy to pledge but have not yet actioned, or have questions about the process and how to get started, please do join us.